How to: Write a ‘ComercioExterior/Mercancia’ node with ‘ValorDolares’ at 0.

In this post, I will explain how to write a Cfdi with ValorDolares at 0 in the Mercancia node of the ComercioExterior complement. Some rules in Anexo 20 mention that it is valid to register the ValorDolares field at zero. It’s possible if you manage to surround other rules that validate the base receipt and some complement rules, for someone who knows about electronic invoicing this is not a big problem. If you are a person with little experience or simply do not want to waste your time, I explain how you can write a Cfdi as well.

Things you know to know before.

  • The Mercancia node requires that you write a Concepto node with the same identification number.
  • The ValorUnitario and Cantidad fields cannot be zero.
  • The fields ValorUnitarioAduana and CantidadAduana must not be zero.
  • You must not register the FraccionArancelaria field in the Mercancia node with ValorDolares at zero.
  • The Concepto unit field and the Mercancia Unit field must have value: 99.
  • You must comply with the validation of the calculation of the limits of the Mercancia node.

Example file.

Gustavo Sánchez