#CodeChallenges Solving Dividing a plot problem.

In this post, I’m going to explain to you how I solved the dividing a plot problem using Scala.

The description.

You’re a farmer, and you want to divide a farm plot into smaller plots. Then,  you must follow the next conditions.

  • All the smaller plots must be squares.
  • All the smaller plots must have the same size.
  • The new plots must have an area greater than zero.

This exercise is mentioned in the book Grokking Algorithms of Aditya y. Bhargava.

About the solution.

  • I’m using Scala.
  • I added many comments, you can disable them, by changing the value in UtilsObject.
  • There are some sanity checks, there aren’t part of the solutions. They are small tests, just to make sure everything is running properly.
  • You can track every recursive step in the comments.
  • If you’re learning recursion, I also mentioned when the program is running a base step.
  • I tried to make the code very descriptive.
  • I used IntelliJ for running, a scratch file.

Gustavo Sánchez